Don’t build your business alone!

Building a business isn’t easy, but it’s a whole lot easier when you’re surrounded by smart, motivated people – people who can hold you accountable, keep you focused, and give constructive advice just when you need it the most.

And it’s even better when these people are running their own businesses from all over the world – so wherever you go, you can plug into a group of likeminded friends who completely “get” you.

That’s why we formed The Anywhereist Group: a global network of phenomenally friendly and helpful entrepreneurs, helping each other to build successful businesses across a huge range of industries.

This isn’t your average business forum

Our big, huge untoppable focus is on “community”

Participation is key – no “lurking” is allowed! In The Anywhereist Group, it’s through sharing, giving advice, asking for help and providing support that our members get the most out of it.
This is a place for encouragement and constructive criticism – not terse responses or cutting remarks. We all care about each others’ feelings as much as we care about their progress and business success.

This is the community for you if:

  • You’re running your own business (or starting one up) and need some advice, accountability and idea-bouncing opportunities.
  • You’re craving regular interaction with a group of people who “get” you and what you’re trying to achieve.
  • You’re making decisions based on the life you want rather than the life you’re “supposed” to be living.
  • You want to be surrounded by doers rather than dreamers.
  • You know you’ll benefit from outside perspectives on your business and ideas.
“I was expecting The Anywhereist Group to be great for keeping me focused on my mission to move abroad – but I didn’t realise there would be such smart, experienced, helpful people to give me advice on the business side too. I’m delighted!”
Christopher Sutton
“We were thrilled to be among the early members of The Anywhereist Group, and it’s a delight to watch it grow. We’re now part of an international community where everyone is supportive, interesting and interested. Whatever our business, travel and lifestyle endeavours are, we now have a high-voltage brain trust at our disposal. The huge benefit for us is having a place to go when you’re feeling unsure or unconfident with an idea – knowing there are people there who get you, and what you’re about, that’s a huge comfort, and worth its weight in gold.”
Jon Gracey and Viv Egan

If you want to grow your business with help from a supportive community, keep reading…

Aside from the advice, critiques and problem-solving you’ll get within the forums, there are many other reasons to be a member:

Permanently cosy

Our membership is permanently capped at 150 hand-picked members, to keep things friendly and personal.

An instant global peer group

We live all around the world, but we’re all doing similar things: building businesses we love and ignoring all those people who tell us to be an employee and settle down.

Monthly video hangouts

We take it in turns to give a ten-minute presentation each month, then the rest of the time is spent asking questions, chatting, swapping tips and complaining about the wifi in whichever part of the world we’re in!

Free training and resources

Get the knowledge you need to grow your business with our ever-growing library of video training, book notes, cheat sheets and city guides.

On-tap accountability

Share a progress journal with the group to make sure you take action every day – and get congrats, advice, or a kick up the backside whenever you need it.
“The support and advice I get from The Anywhereist Group is invaluable, everyone is so helpful and has such great advice. It keeps me really motivated, inspired and on the right track.”
Lewis Smith
“It’s an amazing feeling when you meet a bunch of people who are interested in talking about the same thing you are. The Anywhereist Group is FULL of smart, talented and super lovely people who are all eager to help each other succeed. Every time I read a new post I’m amazed by the knowledge and talent that exists within the group. The wonderful thing is that these people travel all over the world and so the chance of being in the same city of at least one of them is pretty high!”
Sophie Mercer

Apply now!

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There’s no fee for membership – you’re expected to “pay” through participating and adding value. We ask for a one-time $25 deposit to show commitment, and if it turns out that you can’t contribute as much as you’d hoped, no problem: we’ll give you your deposit straight back.

Still not sure if it’s for you? Email us if you have any questions.

“At last – a tribe who actually get me! After years of trying to explain my serial entrepreneurial tendencies to ‘normal’ people, I’ve found likeminded people to share plans and bounce ideas off. And you couldn’t wish for a more helpful and accepting bunch. Whether I’m sharing good news, puzzling over a problem or having a client panic, there’s always someone there who can help/talk it through/squee along with me. It’s like coming home.”
Carla Watkins;